8th Grade Science EOG Review Part IV Question Preview (ID: 14026)

Essential Standards 8th Grade Science EOG Review North Carolina.[print questions]

Which scenario would best explain how 10 people became sick with the flu after attending a school dance?
a) contact with environmental sources
b) contact with an infected animal
c) contact with a contaminated object
d) contact with an infected person

Which is the best way to help prevent the flu from becoming a pandemic?
a) getting a vaccination
b) taking antibiotics
c) eating fruits and vegetables
d) washing hands often

Which best explains the importance of nitrogen in the cycling of energy and matter?
a) nitrogen increases protein production in plants
b) nitrogen decreases protein production in plants
c) nitrogen decreases the effectiveness of photosynthesis
d) nitrogen increases the effectiveness of photosynthesis

Which is a way the agricultural biotechnology industry could have a positive impact on the environment?
a) by producing crops that are virus resistant
b) by making robots to replace large farm machines
c) by reducing the need for countries to import food
d) by increasing the use of wind farms to produce electricity

What will happen to the deer population if wolves that prey on deer for food are removed from the habitat of the deer?
a) the population of deer will increase
b) the population of deer will decrease
c) the population of deer will remain the same
d) the population of deer will become extinct

Where do plants get most of the energy they need to live and grow?
a) water
b) soil
c) air
d) sunlight

What evidence supports the hypothesis that whales and dolphins evolved from a common ancestor?
a) they swim the same way
b) they eat the same food
c) they live in the same area of the ocean
d) they have similar anatomies

What causes the fur of the arctic fox to change color in winter and summer?
a) the amount of sunlight present
b) the fox's habitat
c) the fox's genes
d) the fox's age

Which would best allow a species to survive environmental changes?
a) similar physical features
b) low mutation rate
c) small population
d) genetic diversity

How would smoking tobacco most likely have a negative impact on the ability of an individual to succeed at physical activities?
a) it interferes with balance and coordination
b) it decreases the ability to make decisions rapidly
c) it decreases stamina and cardiovascular efficiency
d) it decreases the speed and power of muscle contractions

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