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What happens to water molecules during the boiling process?
a) They move faster and move farther apart as they absorb heat
b) They move faster and remain close together as they absorb heat
c) They move more slowly but move farther apart as they lose heat
d) They move faster and move farther apart as they lose heat

Elements with similar properties are arranged in periodic groups which are
a) the elements along the zigzag line of the periodic table
b) the up and down columns of the periodic table
c) the left to right rows of the periodic table
d) the elements that were artificially made in a laboratory

If a chemical reaction such as photosynthesis begins with 6 atoms of carbon (C), how many atoms of carbon (C) should be in the products?
a) 12 atoms of Carbon (C)
b) 6 atoms of Carbon (C)
c) 3 atoms of carbon (C)
d) 2 atoms of Carbon (C)

What is a possible disadvantage of using flowing water to produce electricity?
a) ecosystem damage and loss of land
b) reduced carbon dioxide emission
c) only suitable for industrial use
d) creates reservoirs

Identify the statement below that is false?
a) Wind energy causes no visual pollution, but is noisy and will not always work
b) geothermal energy is limited to areas over volcanically active ground
c) Solar energy is the cheapest form of renewable energy you can use
d) nuclear energy produces radioactive wastes that are difficult to eliminate

Why is water from an aquifer more likely to be cleaner than water from other sources?
a) because it forms where fresh and salt water meet
b) because it receives water directly from precipitation
c) because it rises to the surface near the ocean
d) because pollutants are filtered by rock and soil deep within Earth

In which oceanic zone do clams and crabs survive by burrowing in the sand?
a) oceanic
b) intertidal
c) deep ocean
d) open ocean

If a body of water has high turbidity levels, what can most likely be concluded?
a) it has a low pH
b) it is unsafe to drink
c) it is too hot to drink
d) it contains a lot of chemicals

What would a scientist conclude if he found dinosaur fossils below mammal fossils in an undisturbed layer?
a) dinosaurs ate plants
b) dinosaurs were eaten by the mammals
c) dinosaurs lived on Earth before the mammals
d) dinosaurs and mammals lived at the same time.

How do scientists determine the relative ages of fossils in an undisturbed rock layer?
a) the theory of continental drift
b) radioactive dating
c) Einstein's theory of relativity
d) the law of superposition

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