Science EOG Review Part II Question Preview (ID: 14024)

North Carolina Essential Standards 8th Grade EOG Review Part II.[print questions]

Why do doctors suggest that people get a flu vaccine every year?
a) viruses replicate more rapidly over time
b) vaccines get stronger over time
c) vaccines are absorbed by the body after a year
d) viruses can mutate from year to year

Which of these organisms is a producer in a marine ecosystem?
a) fish
b) gull
c) algae
d) worm

Which of these careers would a student studying biotechnology most likely pursue?
a) electrical engineering
b) astronomy
c) agricultural research
d) geology

Which best determines the number of wolves that can live in an area?
a) the amount of snow in the area each year
b) the amount of food available in the area
c) the number of trees in the area
d) the number of birds that live in the area

What happens to a population and to competition when there is a reduction of living space?
a) the population expands and competition intensifies
b) competition weakens and the population decreases
c) the population increases as competition decreases
d) competition strengthens while the population contracts

What type of relationship exist between the trees and the kudzu growing on them?
a) competition
b) mutualism
c) parasitism
d) predator-prey

Which provides the largest amount of energy in a food web
a) hawk
b) grasshopper
c) mouse
d) grass

What do transitional fossils best support?
a) The theory of biological evolution
b) the law of superposition
c) the theory of geological evolution
d) the theory of continental drift

What causes the differences in different animal species that are members of the same family?
a) biochemical makeup
b) behavioral makeup
c) genetics
d) habitat size

Why is a healthy diet important?
a) it maintains a constant body temperature
b) it supplies the body's needs for growth and energy
c) it makes oxygen for all the cells in the body
d) it prevents damage to internal organs

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