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Unit 2 Review.[print questions]

Simplify 10/12
a) 5/2
b) 5/4
c) 5/6

Simplify 8/16
a) 1/2
b) 4/8
c) 4/6

Mike had 4 pet snakes, 7 goldfish, and 6 pet lizards. What is the ratio of pet lizards to pet snakes?
a) 4/7
b) 3/2
c) 7/6
d) 2/3

In the parking lot, there were 8 blue cars, 7 red trucks, and 10 black cars. What is the ratio of black cars to total number of vehicles?
a) 10 to 25
b) 8 to 7
c) 10 to 8
d) 25 to 10

The marble bag had 8 red marbles, 14 blue marbles, and 11 green marbles. What is the ratio of green to red?
a) 8 to 11
b) 8 to 14
c) 11 to 8

There are 5 yellow, 4 blue, and 7 green cars in the parking lot. What is the ratio of green to yellow cars?
a) 7:5
b) 5:7
c) 4 to 7
d) 7 to 4

Rachel has 6 pairs of black shoes and 2 pairs of red shoes. What is the ratio of pairs of red shoes to pairs of black shoes?
a) 8:2
b) 1:3
c) 2:8
d) 3:1

The ratio of french fries to packets of ketchup in Philip's bag is 6:1. What does this mean?
a) For every 6 french fries, there is 1 packet of ketchup
b) There are 5 more french fries than packets of ketchup
c) There are 6 more french fries than packets of ketchup
d) For every 6 packets of ketchup, there is 1 french fry

In Mr. Sneed's classroom, there are 22 tiles and 11 lights. What is the ratio of lights to tiles in Mr. Sneed's classroom?
a) 2:1
b) 1:2
c) 1:11
d) 1:12

Stephanie has a fish tank with 6 adult fish and 27 baby fish. What is the ratio of adult fish to baby fish in the tank?
a) 6:1
b) 1:6
c) 2:9
d) 9:2

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