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Which is the better buy: 10 gumballs for $2.35 or 12 sticks of gum for $3.15?
a) 12 sticks for $3.15
b) 10 gumballs for $2.35

If Katarina runs at a pace of 45 minutes over 5 miles, what pace can she run in one mile?
a) 8 minutes/mile
b) 10 minutes/mile
c) 9 minutes/mile
d) 5 minutes/mile

Mike had 4 pet snakes, 7 goldfish, and 6 pet lizards. What is the ratio of pet lizards to pet snakes?
a) 4/7
b) 3/2
c) 7/6
d) 2/3

A car dealership sold 208 cars in 4 months. At what rate did the dealership sell the cars per month?
a) 51 cars per month
b) 54 cars per month
c) 53 cars per month
d) 52 cars per month

We drove 235 miles in 5 hours. How many miles per hour did we travel?
a) 47 miles per hour
b) 30 miles per hour
c) 37 miles per hour

There are 5 yellow, 4 blue, and 7 green cars in the parking lot. What is the ratio of green to yellow cars?
a) 7:5
b) 5:7
c) 4 to 7
d) 7 t04

Rachel has 6 pairs of black shoes and 2 pairs of red shoes. What is the ratio of pairs of red shoes to pairs of black shoes?
a) 8:2
b) 1:3
c) 2:8
d) 3:1

The ratio of french fries to packets of ketchup in Philip's bag is 6:1. What does this mean?
a) For every 6 french fries, there is 1 packet of ketchup
b) There are 5 more french fries than packets of ketchup
c) There are 6 more french fries than packets of ketchup
d) For every 6 packets of ketchup, there is 1 french fry

In Mr. Sneed's classroom, there are 22 tiles and 11 lights. What is the ratio of lights to tiles in Mr. Sneed's classroom?
a) 2:1
b) 1:2
c) 1:11
d) 1:12

Stephanie has a fish tank with 6 adult fish and 27 baby fish. What is the ratio of adult fish to baby fish in the tank?
a) 6:1
b) 1:6
c) 2:9
d) 9:2

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