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Review Of Multiplying And Dividing Decimals With Word Problems.[print questions]

The gas tank on a car holds 13.3 gallons of gas. If the car gets 22 miles per gallon of gas, how many miles can it travel on a single tank?
a) 292.6 miles
b) 29.26 miles
c) 26.6 miles
d) 496 miles

If a rectangle has an area of 15.86 square inches and is 2.6 inches long, how wide is it?
a) 61 in
b) 41.236 in
c) 6.1 in
d) 412.36 in

Last month, Mrs. Johnson received a phone bill for $26.86. If the company charges $0.17 per minute, and there were no other charges, how many minutes did Mrs. Johnson use last month?
a) 148
b) 158
c) 146
d) 156

Louisa has a rectangle that measures 12.55 inches by 9 inches. If she takes 5.2 inches off of each side, what will be the area of her rectangle (hint: A = bh)?
a) 112.95 sq in
b) 43.1 sq in
c) 27.93 sq in
d) 32.73 sq in

Kenny worked 6.5 hours on Monday, and 5 hours on Tuesday. If he received a check for $143.75 for working those 2 days, how much does Kenny make per hour?
a) $28.75
b) $22.11
c) $12.50
d) $12.75

Last month, at a tax free sale, Joy bought 4 new blouses that cost $15.95 each and 2 new belts that cost $8.95 each. How much did Joy pay for her purchase?
a) $83.70
b) $79.70
c) $24.90
d) $81.70

The gas tank on a car holds 12.5 gallons. If the car goes 212.5 miles on a single tank, how many miles per gallon does the car get?
a) 12 miles per gallon
b) 17 miles per gallon
c) 16 miles per gallon
d) 13 miles per gallon

Jinelle bought 15 boxes of candy for $2.75 box. If Jinelle pays for the candy with a $50 bill, how much money will she get back in change?
a) $9.75
b) $8.75
c) $8.25
d) $9.25

John and Amy are selling bottled water for $0.75 each. If John sold 128 bottles and Amy sold 94 bottles, how much money did they make in all?
a) $168.70
b) $166.70
c) $164.50
d) $166.50

Three roommates agreed to split the cost of food and rent evenly. Last month they spent a total of $349.66 for food and $365 for rent. Find the amount that each of the 3 roommates paid.
a) $116.55
b) $121.67
c) $238.22
d) $357.33

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