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Which of these factors is a major reason that there is a high amount of pollution in Mexico City?
a) It is sparsely populated
b) It is the only urban area in Mexico
c) It has a very large population
d) It is its nation's capital city

Which geographical feature found in Mexico City, Mexico, and Santiago, Chile, contributes to the high levels of air pollution in both cities?
a) Both cities are located in mountainous regions
b) Both cities are on the coast.
c) Both cities are located in deserts
d) Both cities experience extreme changes in climate.

Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is the largest lake in South America. Which of the following is one of the environmental issues facing Lake Maracaibo?
a) The water in the lake is too salty because it is connected to the ocean
b) It has too many types of plants and animals living in and around it.
c) It is polluted due to the oil wells located along its shores
d) The temperature of the water in the lake is steadily decreasing

Which of these areas has been most affected by deforestation?
a) the Altiplano
b) Rio de la Plata
c) Patagonia
d) Amazon River Basin

Most people in Latin America speak either Portuguese or
a) English
b) German
c) Russian
d) Spanish

The religion most commonly followed by the people of Latin America is
a) Protestantism
b) Judaism.
c) Islam
d) Roman Catholicism

The Aztecs were conquered by Spain in 1521. Which of these statements is true regarding the defeat of the Aztecs?
a) Smallpox and hunger killed more people than actual battles.
b) The siege of Tenochtitlan wasn't very long and the battle was over quickly.
c) The Aztecs were greatly outnumbered by the Spanish army.
d) The Aztec's enemies helped to defend the Aztecs from the Spanish

What did the Aztecs build in order to worship their gods?
a) cathedrals
b) stadiums
c) temple-pyramids
d) mosques

Spanish conquistadors were outnumbered by the Incas, yet the Incas were defeated when their leader, Atahualpa, was tricked into being captured and was then killed. The Spanish beli
a) Atahualpa refused to convert to Christianity.
b) Atahualpa was going to return to his capital to build an army.
c) the Spanish had made a treaty with Atahualpa's enemies.
d) the Spanish were out of food and the Incas wouldn't feed them

Why did Europeans bring African slaves to the Americas?
a) The African slaves were more skilled workers than the Europeans.
b) The Africans came to the Americas because of the opportunities.
c) The Europeans needed people to work on plantations or in mines.
d) The Europeans wanted to help the Africans escape from slavery

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