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A layer of molten metal, mainly nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe), that surrounds Earth's inner core.
a) inner core
b) Moho
c) mantle
d) outer core

A solid sphere of metal, mainly nickel (Ni) iron (Fe), at Earth's center.
a) inner core
b) lithosphere
c) mantle
d) outer core

This is the land that drops down steeply at the edge of a continental shelf.
a) Continental land
b) Continental shelf
c) Continental slope
d) Oceanic floor

The layer of rock between Earth's outer core and crust, in which most rock is hot enough to flow in convection currents.
a) outer core
b) asthenosphere
c) inner core
d) mantle

The layer of Earth's upper mantle directly under the lithosphere in which rock is soft and weak because it is close to melting.
a) crust
b) lithosphere
c) tectonic plates
d) asthenosphere

The layer of Earth made up of the crust and the rigid rock of the upper mantle.
a) outer core
b) lithosphere
c) asthenosphere
d) inner core

The flat or gradually sloping land that extends under-water from the edge of a continent to a continental slope.
a) Continental Land
b) Continental Shelf
c) Continental Slope
d) Oceanic Floor

The lower layer of the mantle that boarders Earth's molten core. Rocks are hot enough to flow in convection currents.
a) Lithosphere
b) Asthenosphere
c) Mesosphere
d) inner core

This layer of the crust is mostly sediment and is only 7-10 km thick.
a) Continental Crust
b) Oceanic Crust
c) Lithosphere
d) Mesosphere

A thin outer layer of rock above a planet's mantle, including all dry land.
a) Inner core
b) Continental Crust
c) Outer core
d) Mantle

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