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Triangle MLJ has angles that measure 34°, 94°, and 4x°. What is the value of x?
a) 52
b) 13
c) 4
d) 128

A trapezoid has bases that measure 20 yd and 32 yd and has a height of 9. What is its area?
a) 468 sq. ft
b) 234 sq. ft
c) 167 sq. ft
d) 323 sq. ft

The area of a trapezoid is 14.4 ft². If the bases are 2.2 ft and 5.8 ft, what is the height of the trapezoid?
a) 8 ft
b) 36 ft
c) 3.6 ft
d) 2 ft

For a science experiment, Keith must fill a cylindrical beaker with alcohol. The beaker is 4.5 inches tall and has a radius of 3 inch. What is the volume of alcohol Keith will use?
a) 28.26 cu. in.
b) 127.17 sq. in.
c) 127.17 cu. in.
d) 127 cu. in.

Darryl works as a stock boy in a local store. He notices a three foot high rectangular box that is labeled to have a volume of 60 cubic feet. What is a possible set of dimensions for the base of the box?
a) 5 ft by 4 ft
b) 7 ft by 3 ft
c) 4 ft by 6 ft
d) 4 ft by 3 ft

A large rectangular water tank has a volume of 42 cubic meters. If the tank is 3 meters wide and 2 meters tall, what is the length of the tank?
a) 5 m
b) 6 m
c) 7 m
d) 8 m

The area of a trapezoid is 77 ft². If the bases are 8 ft and 14 ft, what is the height of the trapezoid?
a) 7 ft
b) 22 ft
c) 11 ft
d) 14 ft

Jodie has soccer ball with a radius of 3 inches. Using the formula from your formula chart for volume of a sphere, find the volume of her soccer ball.
a) 11.304 cu. in
b) 1130.4 cu. in.
c) 36 cu. in.
d) 113.04 cu. in

Nora wants to build a planter in the shape of an octagonal prism. The planter will not have a top, so she will cut pieces of wood for the sides and bottom. What shapes could she cut to make the planter?
a) 8 octagons
b) 1 octagon and 8 rectangles
c) 1 octagon and 6 rectangles
d) 8 octagons and 1 rectangle

A pole that is 13 feet long leans against a wall. The bottom of the pole is 5 feet away from the base of the wall. How far up the side of the wall does the ladder reach?
a) 13 ft
b) 144 ft
c) 12 ft
d) 5 ft

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