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How would you define "drama"?
a) arguments between two people or groups
b) a story designed solely to be performed in a theater
c) a written work that is meant to be acted on stage, in TV, or in the movies
d) a series of stories for TV only

What's a playwright?
a) a person who writes a drama
b) a person who performs in a drama
c) a person who finances a drama
d) a person who critiques a drama

What is an act?
a) a division in a play, during which there is no change of scene or break in time
b) one of the main divisions of a play
c) any form of theatrical entertainment
d) one of several broad types of performances, e.g. singing group, magic act, etc.

What is a scene?
a) drama caused by parties who are in disagreement
b) the backdrop of the action
c) it's what the audience "sees"
d) division on an act during where there is no change of scene or break in time

What is dialogue?
a) the internal thoughts of one or more actors
b) short dramatic work performed by one actor
c) conversation between two or more people
d) one or more characters are killed on stage

What is a monologue?
a) speech/lines delivered by one actor, either alone, or uninterrupted in the presence of others
b) one character is killed on stage
c) a break between acts in a play
d) the people who watch the play

What is a prop?
a) respect given to the actors in a drama
b) another name for the narrator in a drama
c) a fan-like device that helps an aircraft fly
d) an object used in a drama to enhance the setting

What is a script?
a) the written text of a stage play, screenplay, or broadcast
b) a prescription used as a prop in a drama
c) counterfeit money used as a prop in a drama
d) cursive writing used to embellish a drama

What is a comedy?
a) a single comedian delivers a stand-up routine on stage
b) a group of comedians collaborate on a stand-up routine
c) a humorous play, TV show, or movie
d) a serious or solemn play, TV show, or movie

What is a tragedy?
a) a humorous play, TV show, or movie
b) a serious or solemn play, TV show, or movie
c) it's when the protagonist dies at the beginning of a drama
d) it's when most of the cast dies at the end of a drama

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