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Canada has close ties with Great Britain in all of the following ways EXCEPT
a) Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch for both countries.
b) Both countries are part of the Commonwealth.
c) Both have a prime minister and a parliamentary democracy.
d) Both governments have the same constitution

Canada recognizes which of the following as its official languages?
a) English and German
b) English and French
c) French and Portuguese
d) German and Spanish

All of the following are ways to describe Canada’s government EXCEPT
a) a parliamentary democracy
b) a constitutional monarchy
c) a federal system
d) an absolute monarchy

In Canada, a college education is provided for free by the Canadian government. This is an example of Canada’s government investing in
a) academic research
b) capital resources
c) trade
d) human capital

How does the discovery of natural resources, such as diamond mines in Canada, affect economic growth?
a) It has no impact on a country’s economy
b) It increases economic growth by creating new industries.
c) It decreases economic growth by eliminating jobs.
d) It changes the economy by creating a traditional economy.

What is the definition of bilingual?
a) The ability to speak a different language other than english
b) The ability to speak two languages fluently
c) Not able to speak any language at all.
d) The language of government dealings in Canada

How has climate affected where Canadians live?
a) ew people live in the northern regions of Canada because of the cold climate.
b) Few people live along the border of Canada and the U.S. because of the cold climate.
c) Most people tend to migrate and live in the northern provinces of Canada.
d) Most people tend to migrate toward Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake.

Canada, Mexico, and the USA are all members of
a) North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement
b) Commonwealth
c) European Union

Interdependence means...
a) when a country is independent of any other country's help
b) when countries have a partnership where they both depend on each other to survive
c) when a country depends solely on another country
d) When a country gains its independence from the country that colonized them

Canada achieved its independece through
a) the French and Indian war
b) the 7 years war
c) American Revolution
d) peaceful negotiations over time with England

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