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Using your knowledge of Canadian geography, what is the BEST reason most of the country’s industries are located in Ontario and Quebec?
a) They are located in the areas with the lowest population.
b) They are located near the center of the country’s natural resources.
c) They are located by important interconnected waterways.
d) They are located near the agricultural regions.

Which of the following is NOT an important environmental concern of Canada?
a) Conserving timber resources
b) Preventing acid rain
c) Preventing water pollution
d) Regulating heavy traffic in cities that cause air pollution

Why are the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River so important to Canada?
a) They connect Canada to the U.S.
b) They provide a lot of fish.
c) They are the main entry into the USA
d) They are a major shipping route.

Most of the Canadian people live within 100 miles of the U.S. border. Which statement BEST describes why the population is so concentrated along the border?
a) The climate is milder in southern Canada than in northern Canada.
b) The people of Canada rely heavily on the U.S. government.
c) The U.S. controls a part of Canada.
d) The scenery along the border is much more beautiful than anywhere else.

Why is Canada’s Pacific Coast best known for producing fish and timber?
a) The Pacific Coast’s mild climate attracts fish to the coast.
b) The Pacific Coast is located next to the Rocky Mountains.
c) The Pacific Coast is located on the ocean and has many forests.
d) The Pacific Coast has the fewest people living in it.

During the colonization of Canada by the English and French settlers, much of the indigenous population was wiped out. Which statement BEST explains why so many indigenous people
a) European settlers unknowingly brought diseases to Canada.
b) The winters were especially cold during that period.
c) The indigenous people were all very old already.
d) The indigenous people were all very old already.

Which of the following is NOT an example of why fur trading was so successful for the colonists in early Canada?
a) Many animals found in Canada were rare in Europe.
b) Furs could be sold in Europe for a lot of money.
c) Many of the indigenous people traded furs with the Europeans.
d) The Canadian climate was tropical.

How did the American Revolution affect Canada?
a) Many Americans who supported Britain moved to Canada.
b) Canadians joined colonists to fight in the revolution.
c) The American Revolution inspired the Canadian Revolution.
d) The U.S. ended a trade agreement with Canada.

Why has there been increased pressure for Quebec to become independent from Canada?
a) Quebec feels its French heritage separates it from Canada.
b) Quebec wants to maintain closer ties to Great Britain.
c) Canada no longer needs the industries in Quebec.
d) Quebec wants to control the St. Lawrence Seaway.

During the 1960s, the Quebec independence movement began. What was the main reason for this movement?
a) The people of Quebec disagreed with Canadian independence.
b) The people of Quebec claim that the Canadian parliament owes them money.
c) The people of Quebec want to take over the rest of Canada.
d) The people of Quebec believe they should be able to govern themselves.

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