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You accidentally forgot your homework at home.
a) Blame your parents for forgetting to put it in your bag.
b) Lie and claim that it is already done, but you just forgot it at home.
c) Act like you do not care. It is only a stupid homework assignment.
d) Calmly apologize to the teacher and ask if you could finish it at recess.

Your sibling isn’t helping with household chores.
a) Make a big mess in their room to prove a point.
b) Tell your parents a lie about your sibling to get them in trouble.
c) Calmly ask your parents if your sibling could help with the chores.
d) Run and tell on your sibling for being lazy an not helping.

You find out that your friend lied to you.
a) Slap them and call them a bad name.
b) Explain you feel hurt by the dishonesty and wish to address the reasons for it.
c) Ignore it. After all, everybody lies.
d) Get revenge by lying to them.

Your teacher gives you an assignment and you do not understand how to do it.
a) Get upset. Start to cry. The teacher will feel bad for giving too hard of an assignment.
b) Go tell the principal that the work is too hard.
c) Calmly raise your hand and ask the teacher to explain the parts of the assignment that you do not un
d) Tell your parents that the work is too hard, and ask for permission not to do it.

You got caught using bad language at home.
a) Apologize and accept whatever punishment is given without complaint.
b) Blame your sibling or cousin for teaching you to say the bad language.
c) Calmly explain that you do not think that the language was bad and that you shouldn’t be in trouble.
d) Use that language even more while arguing with your parents. That'll show them.

You accidentally forgot your best friend’s birthday.
a) Lie and pretend that you did remember it. They might believe you.
b) Avoid seeing or talking to your friend for the whole day.
c) Start a fight with them about something else and then run away screaming.
d) Be honest and apologize to your friend.

Someone at lunch makes a mean joke about you.
a) Throw your food at this person. They deserve it for being rude.
b) Cry. Other people might feel sorry for you.
c) Get into a fight with this person.
d) Ignore the joke, and calmly tell an adult later if they keep picking on you.

Someone at recess pushes you around every day.
a) This is bullying. Calmly tell an adult and they will help you.
b) Fight them. Fighting solves everything.
c) Just try to ignore it. Even if it happens every day. There’s nothing anyone can do.
d) Tell your friends to pick on this person.

You get really upset while in class.
a) make a scene, climb a bookshelf and say rude things to people.
b) ask the teacher if you could speak with them in the hall and then try to calm down.
c) try to fight another student in class.
d) refuse to do your work and cry.

You already know what the teacher is teaching.
a) raise your hand tell the teacher that you know everything already.
b) walk out of class because you already know this stuff anyway.
c) be respectful and pay attention. Class participation is part of your grade.
d) run out the room screaming. I think my teacher might be a zombie.

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