Physics Test Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 1400)

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The objects are placed on a spring scale. The pointer moves to 4 for object A and to 6 for object B. Object A weighs
a) 3/2 as much as B
b) 2/3 as much as B
c) twice as much as B
d) three times as much as B

Why is sand spread on an icy surface to
a) decrease friction
b) increase air resistance
c) decrease air resistance
d) increase friction

Lubricants are used to
a) increase friction
b) decrease friction
c) decrease gravity
d) increase gravity

Where would you weigh the most?
a) On the sun
b) on the moon
c) on Earth
d) on Saturn

Where would you weigh the least?
a) the sun
b) the moon
c) Earth
d) Saturn

I dropped a rock that weighed 2N and 6N which would have hit the surface first?
a) 2N rock
b) 6N Rock
c) They will fly up to the sky and not hit the surface
d) They will hit the surface at the same time

The forward force that helps a plane take off is called
a) thrust
b) drag
c) lift
d) air resistance

A common lubricant used in car engines is
a) Axe
b) Water
c) Oil
d) Bubble solution

As you go deeper under water what happens?
a) The pressure stays constant
b) The pressure decreases
c) You find the fountain of youth
d) The pressure increases

If you are in a tug of war how could the rope stay the same and not move?
a) Pull really hard
b) Pull really soft
c) Have equal pulling from both directions
d) I don't play tug of war

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