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What do scientists use to study Earth's interior?
a) seismic waves
b) sea-floor spreading
c) core samples
d) global positioning systems

What are seismic waves?
a) vibrations from an earthquake
b) movements in the outer core
c) pictures of Earth's interior
d) vibrations from a seismograph

Which is the thickest layer of the Earth?
a) core
b) mantle
c) continental crust
d) oceanic crust

Which part of the Earth's interior is liquid?
a) outer core
b) lithosphere
c) inner core
d) mesosphere

What is a block of the lithosphere that is seperated by cracks?
a) tectonic plate
b) seismic wave
c) seismograph
d) compound

What is the strong lower part of the mantlebbetween the asthenosphere and the outer core?
a) mesosphere
b) lithosphere
c) inner core
d) mantle

Which is the thinnest layer of the Earth?
a) oceanic crust
b) continental crust
c) lithosphere
d) tectonic plate

Which layer makes up 67% of the Earth's mass?
a) mantle
b) crust
c) core
d) asthenosphere

What is Mrs. Bishop's favorite sport?
a) hockey
b) football
c) soccer
d) basketball

How many kids does Mrs. Bishop have?
a) 2
b) 1
c) 3
d) 4

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