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These types of clouds are white and fluffy
a) Cumulous
b) Stratus
c) Cirrus
d) Tyler

This type of cloud acts like a blanket and blocks out sunlight
a) Cumulous
b) Stratus
c) Cirrus
d) Alena

This type of cloud means that there will be a storm
a) Cumulo-nimbus
b) stratus
c) cumulous
d) Brandon Weeden

Anemometers measure ___________________________.
a) air pressure
b) temperature
c) wind speed and direction
d) the number of ants in the kitchen.

Barometers measure ___________________________.
a) air pressure
b) wind speed and direction
c) temperature
d) Jeremias

High air pressure means ___________________________.
a) storms
b) warm weather
c) snow
d) umm...can I get a drink?

Low pressure means ___________________________________________.
a) warm weather
b) hot weather
c) storms
d) I'm tirrrrrrrrrrrrrredddddddd....

Meteorologists study ___________________________________________.
a) meteors
b) weather
c) Megan
d) outer space

Droughts mean that there has been __________________.
a) too much precipitation
b) not enough precipitation
c) too much wind
d) too much time spent playing Playstation 3.

Changes in wind speed ___________________________.
a) indicate that the weather is about to change
b) mean the weather will stay the same
c) always mean that the air pressure will drop
d) make the Browns miss Phil Dawson.

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