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Which solution is the most concentrated?
a) 1 gallon of water, 1 tablespoon grape kool-aid
b) 1 gallon of water, 3 tablespoons grape kool-aid
c) 2 gallons of water, 4 tablespoons grape kool-aid
d) 10 gallons of water, 10 tablespoons grape kool-aid

How can a landfill affect our drinking water?
a) Toxins can leak into the soil, getting into groundwater
b) They can't. They are perfectly safe
c) Birds carry away garbage and drop it in the ocean
d) None of the above

Four water samples were tested for Lead. Which of the samples contains the most Lead? (HINT- BE SURE TO LOOK AT THE UNITS!!!)
a) 15 ppm
b) 25 ppb
c) .0005 ppm
d) 1.5 ppm

Large ocean going fish such as Tuna can accumulate heavy metals in their bodies which may make them unsafe to eat. Which of the following is a heavy metal sometimes found in these
a) Chlorine
b) Mercury
c) Arsenic
d) Bromine

What percent of freshwater is available for drinking?
a) 1%
b) 30%
c) 70%
d) 21%

What chemical is added to our drinking water to kill off microorganisms
a) Arsenic
b) Lead
c) Mercury
d) Chlorine

What is PPM?
a) Parts per month
b) People per mile
c) Parts per million
d) Parts per minute

One way thiscontaminant gets into our drinking water is from old plumbing
a) Lead
b) Chlorine
c) Arsenic
d) Amoebas

This is the process of water sinking into the ground
a) Sinklimation
b) Aquafication
c) Transpiration
d) Infiltration

Excessive nutrients entering a lake or pond cause an increase in plant growth which eventually may lead to the lake or pond becoming swampy. What is this process called?
a) Eutrophication
b) Lithification
c) Sublimation
d) Turnover

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