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Judicial Branch Review 3.[print questions]

How long do Federal Judge Appointments last?
a) 10 years
b) 12 years
c) Life
d) 20 years

Who confirms Federal Court Appointments?
a) The US House of Representatives
b) The Congress
c) The Vice President
d) The US Senate

Who appoints Federal Judges?
a) The Vice President
b) The President
c) The Speaker of the House
d) The President of the Senate

When a majority of Judges make a ruling, which opinion could possibly be written?
a) Majority Opinion
b) Unanimous Opinion
c) Animous Opinion
d) Opinion of the Court

Most cases heard by the Supreme Court come through what Jurisdiction?
a) Original Jurisdiction
b) Appellate Jurisdiction
c) Semi-Original Jurisdiction
d) Juris the Dictionary Cat

Which of the following best describes a Docket?
a) The place Judges park their boats
b) A fancy form of a locket
c) The Supreme Court's Calendar
d) The Senate's Calendar

Which of the following best describes a Writ of Certiorari?
a) An Appeal of a lower court decision
b) A request by a higher court for the records of a case
c) A request by a lower court for records of a case
d) Writ of What? I will Writ your mama.

Which of the following is a written explanation of a case?
a) Writ of Certiorari
b) Habeus Corpus
c) Brief
d) Due Process

Once a brief has been filed, what does the Supreme Court do next?
a) They throw it in the garbage
b) They read over it
c) They read over it then meet behind closed doors to discuss the case
d) They hold an open forum to discuss the case.

Which of the following means to "let the decision stand", which means to take older court rulings into account.
a) Writ of Certiorari
b) Habeus Corpus
c) Stare Decisis
d) Majority Opinion

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