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Term that refers to the addition of more land into a city or town?
a) Manifest Destiny
b) Annexation
c) Secession
d) Cessation

This is the term for local laws—also referred to as blue laws in some areas?
a) Statutes
b) Ordinances
c) Green energy
d) Bills

Local official who is in charge of prosecuting criminal cases on the local level?
a) US Attorney
b) Public Defendant
c) District Attorney
d) Attorney General

Name the leader of County law enforcement?
a) Cheif of police
b) Chief Deputy
c) Sheriff
d) US Marshal

Name the group of people who govern the affairs of county government
a) County Commissioners
b) City Commissioners
c) Mayor-Council
d) City Council

This is the largest form of local government?
a) City
b) Municipality
c) Town
d) County

What is the highest level of the State Court system?
a) NC Supreme Court
b) District Court
c) Superior Court
d) US Supreme Court

What State Supreme Court Case dealt with slavery and property rights?
a) Leandro v. NC
b) Leandro v. Mann
c) Mann v. Leandro
d) State v. Mann

How are NC judges selected?
a) Elected by the people
b) Assigned by the State Attorney
c) Appointed by the President of the US
d) Appointed by the Governor

This was a recent North Carolina case about funding issues in local school districts
a) State v. Mann
b) Leandro v. Brown
c) Leandro v. Mann
d) Leandro v. NC

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