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An example of air resistance would be
a) A leaf falling from a tree
b) Reading a book
c) Stopping quickly
d) Sliding across a dance floor

The air pressure on top of a mountain is greater than
a) sea level
b) in a canyon
c) A satellite orbiting Earth
d) on land

All the following are forces except
a) gravity
b) mass
c) magnetism
d) friction

Gravity was discovered by
a) Lil Wayne
b) Newton
c) Einstein
d) Bernoulli

The formula for pressure is
a) F = P X A (Force = Pressure x Area)
b) Weight x Height
c) Length x Width
d) Area divided by pressure

Stremlininng an airplane reduces
a) Thrust
b) Drag
c) Lift
d) Weight

The idea that all objects are attracted to each other is called
a) Law of Force
b) Law of Attraction
c) Law of Gravity
d) Bernoulli's Principle

If the area remains the same you can increase pressure by
a) Increasing the force
b) Decreasing the pressure
c) Increasing the mass
d) Decreasing the mass

The weight of an object tells you
a) how large the object is
b) how heavy the object is
c) how tall the object is
d) the shape of the object

What does a spring scale measure
a) Volume
b) Temperature
c) Weight
d) Distance

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