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Who often appeared to be asleep while doing his job?
a) Judge Taylor
b) Sheriff Tate
c) Doctor Reynolds
d) Mr Underwood

Maycomb County is in the state of
a) Mississippi
b) Missouri
c) Alabama
d) Texas

Tom Robinson was on trial for
a) Murder
b) Rape
c) Theft
d) blackmail

Jem had to make amends for destroying
a) roses
b) daisies
c) camellias
d) azaleas

Scout really disliked
a) Mr Avery
b) Miss Caroline
c) Francis
d) Burris Ewell

A major theme in the novel is
a) prejudice
b) childhood
c) family life
d) religion

Jem and Scout's father is
a) a pharmacist
b) an accountant
c) an attorney
d) a doctor

An adult whom Scout really admires is
a) Miss Rachael
b) Miss Stephanie
c) Aunt Alexandra
d) Miss Maudie

The main character's name is
a) Scout
b) Jem
c) Atticus
d) Calpurnia

Scout and Jem's best friend is
a) Walter
b) Dill
c) Bob
d) Little Scott

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