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What is the trouble Hannah refers to in her note?
a) Moving to a new place
b) Conviction of a crime by her father
c) Her own refusal to grow up
d) The difficulty in leaving her dolls behind

Molly can best be described as
a) frightened
b) humorous
c) confused
d) determined

In paragraph 7, the statement WE ARE AS HIGH AS THE MOON helps the reader understand that
a) the sundial is tiny
b) Molly is afraid of heights
c) the house is quite tall
d) Greg is very happy

The author includes the information in the first paragraph to
a) introduce the characters
b) begin the conflict
c) establish the time period
d) describe the setting

What is the definition of trace as it is used in paragraph 8?
a) to draw or sketch
b) to copy through paper
c) to follow the path of
d) to find the origin of

What will Molly most likely do with the dolls?
a) Attempt to locate Hannah and return the dolls to her
b) Give the dolls to the librarian to thank her for the information
c) Keep the dolls as a way to feel a connection to Hannah
d) Sell the dolls and use the money to help restore the house

What would have most likely happened if Molly had not been afraid of heights?
a) Greg would have discovered the trunk.
b) The trunk would have been moved out of the way.
c) Molly would have discovered the trunk sooner.
d) The trunk would have remained hidden.

The main reason Hannah hides the dolls in the attic is because she
a) wants to protect them from the wind and rain
b) thinks her mother approves of her leaving them
c) wants to keep them safe after she moves away
d) hopes to eventually move them to her new home

What can be inferred about Greg in the beginning of the story?
a) He is inquisitive.
b) He is melancholy.
c) He is skeptical.
d) He is frightened.

What is the meaning of embezzling?
a) To take for personal use
b) To take for the rich
c) To take for the poor
d) To take for others use

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