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Why didn't Walter take the money Linder offered?
a) It Wasn't enough money.
b) Mama wouldn't let him
c) His conscience wouldn't let him ruin his family pride.
d) Willy returned the money he took

Why is Asaigai's nickname for Beneatha appropriate?
a) It means doctor of the future
b) It means hopeful beauty
c) It means one more chance
d) It means one for whom bread food is not enough

What are assimilationist Negros?
a) Negros who do not believe in God
b) Negros who have left Africa to go to America and become educated
c) Negroes who give up their cultural heritage and take on the culture of a more doninant society
d) Negros who still ive a tribal life in Nigeria

Why did Mama call Walter a disgrace to his father's memory?
a) He had turned his back on God and had become an alcoholic
b) He beat his wife and disgraced his mother
c) He had become too concerned with money and had lost tradtional family values
d) He was too eager to spend the insurance money

What was Walter's reaction to Mama's purchase?
a) He was elated
b) He was disappointed
c) He was too tired to care
d) He was understanding

Who was Karl Lindner and why did he visit the Younger's house?
a) Ruth's Doctor
b) Walter's Boss
c) Representative from the NAACP
d) Representative from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association

What did Mama do for Walter?
a) Gave him the remaining money
b) Covered for him by lying to his boss
c) Moved out
d) Talked to Ruth to smooth things over

What did Mama do with her money?
a) Gave it all to Walter
b) Made a down payment on a home
c) Put it in the Bank for Beneatha
d) Left it all at the bank

Mama was a generous, proud woman
a) True
b) False

Ruth had an abortion
a) True
b) False

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