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Who are Willy and Bobo?
a) Two clowns at the zoo
b) Travis's Pets
c) Travis's Friends
d) Walter's future business partners

Who is Beneatha?
a) mama
b) Walter and Ruth's daughter
c) Walter's sister
d) Travis's sister

Walter is comparing the Eggs that he doesn't want, to what?
a) Walter was tired of Ruth's being sick all of the time
b) Walter wants to dream of a better life and Ruther keeps pushing reality back at him.
c) Walter is tired of eating eggs
d) Walter was mad because Ruth had burned his breakfast

Who is Joseph Asagai?
a) Walter's best friend from high school
b) Beneatha's teacher and friend from Africa
c) Walter's business partner
d) Ruth's doctor

Why was Mama getting a check for $10,000?
a) It was insurance money from her husband's life insurance
b) The bank was sending her a check for the amoun in her account since she was old
c) She had won the lottery
d) She had won a contest

Why did Beneatha say she wouldn't marry George?
a) He was too poor
b) He was too conceited
c) He was too shallow
d) She just didn't like him

What was Beneatha's attitude towards God?
a) she was religious
b) She did not believe in God
c) She thought he was an unjust God
d) She believed in God

What was Walter's reaction to Lindner?
a) He accepted Lindner's offer
b) He personally disliked Lindner but agreed in principle
c) He told Lindner to leave their apartment.
d) He liked Lindner and all that he stood for.

Why didn't Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore?
a) She sees no human battle worth fighting;no human life worth saving
b) She decided to go to Africa instead
c) She doesn't want to have to treat the oppressors.
d) She's tired of school and intellectual ideas

How did Asagai define idealist?
a) The are those who are also assimilationists
b) They are those who refuse to think
c) They are the intellectuals.
d) They are those who see the changes in life.

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