Biome Vocabulary 1-10 Question Preview (ID: 1398)

Vocabulary For Biome Preservation Project. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A plant or animal develops characteristics to change to the environment for survival
a) exploited
b) niche
c) adaptation

A large naturally occuring community of plants and animals living in a major habitat
a) biome
b) trophic levels
c) desert

Unfair treatment for personal gain
a) trophic
b) exploited
c) endangered

What is the definition for niche?
a) feeding position in a food chain;nutrition
b) how an organism makes a living in its community
c) the act of trying to keep something in its original exisiting state

a) horizontal lines that divide the earth east to west
b) Lines that run from pole to pole and divide the earth vertically
c) lines at the equator

Feeding position in a food chain; nutrition
a) fauna
b) niche
c) trophic levels

what does demise mean?
a) endangered
b) death
c) conservation

Another name for animals of a specific region is _____.
a) fauna
b) flora
c) fetta

A group of organisms that are similar and capable of breeding with each other.
a) keystone species
b) organisms
c) species

Weather condition in an area over a long period of time
a) preservation
b) climate
c) climatic storm

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