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What do all waves carry or transmit?
a) hertz
b) light
c) energy
d) meduim

I am a wave that causes particles to move perpendicular forming right angels, to the direction in which the wave travels..Name me?
a) longitudinal wave
d) transverse wave

What is the unit called that a wave is measured in?
a) frequency
b) hertz
c) wavelenghts
d) seconds

A wavelength is the distance between X points of the same phase. How many points?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 6
d) 5

As the amplitude of a mechanical wave increases, which quantity do you know has increased?
a) wavelength
b) all the above
c) hertz
d) energy

Refraction of a wave is caused by a change in the wave\'s speed OR amplitude?
a) ampltude
d) speed

All mechanical waves need what to transmit energy?
a) speed of light
b) energy
c) meduim
d) speed

I am a wave that causes particles to move parallel to the direction the wave travels...Name me?
a) longitudinal wave
d) transverse wave

When an ambulance passes you, you are experiencing what kind of effect?
a) Diffraction Effect
b) Speed Effect
c) Doppler Effect
d) Refraction Effect

Electromagnetic waves can propagate (travel) through material media and through empty space?

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