Realism Review 3 Question Preview (ID: 13974)

Review Of The "To Build A Fire" Section Of The Realism Test.[print questions]

What does the man fear from the beginning of his journey?
a) Falling through the snow and getting his feet wet
b) The strange color of the sky
c) The dog’s strange behavior
d) Getting caught in a sudden avalanche

The man is best described as —
a) intelligent and highly organized
b) brave and heroic
c) foolish and unimaginative
d) very knowledgeable about surviving in Alaskan winters

The man makes all the following mistakes except —
a) deciding to traveling alone
b) forgetting to bring matches with him
c) not listening to people who know more about the North
d) not understanding the danger he faces

After he falls into the spring, the man —
a) cannot build a fire
b) succeeds in building a fire
c) kills the dog to stay warm
d) builds a roaring fire and dries out completely

When the bough full of snow falls, the man —
a) realizes that he is likely to die
b) starts the fire easily
c) huddles with the dog to warm his hands and feet
d) immediately panics and starts running toward camp

You can infer that London —
a) feels great sympathy for the man
b) believes that no one should travel in the Yukon
c) realizes that the man could have saved himself
d) thinks that the man is a fool

In London’s story, nature is portrayed as —
a) indifferent to humanity
b) warm and kind
c) helpful but ignored
d) misunderstood and misused

Naturalism, as shown in this story, holds that —
a) animals and humans can learn to respect each other
b) nature is a source of comfort and inspiration
c) human beings are subjected to forces beyond their control
d) close observation of nature requires a scientific approach

London’s story shows the naturalist belief that people are at the mercy of —
a) a spiritual entity
b) animals and other creatures
c) other people
d) heredity and environment

In “To Build a Fire” the man’s final predicament is caused when he —
a) does not pay enough attention to his immediate surroundings
b) steps into a hidden spring and does not stop to dry his feet
c) chooses to travel when everything is thawing
d) stops for lunch and uses up all his matches

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