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Which of the following is the most specific group used to classify organisms
a) kingdom
b) class
c) genus
d) order

Earth has undergone catastrophic changes from time to time. Which of these most likely explains why life on Earth continued following these catastrophes?
a) A wide diversity of species existed
b) Dominant species had a slow mutation rate
c) Many species filled the same niche
d) A strong species had many different characteristics

As the finches on the Galapagos Islands became more and more varied, whether due to available food sources or geographic isolation, what was occurring?
a) predation
b) extinction
c) speciation
d) competition

During the Cretaceous sea levels rose drastically. What evidence supports this?
a) dinosaur and bird fossils found in swamp areas
b) minerals and oil found in underground deposits
c) corals and marine fossils found in the Great Plains
d) volcanoes and igneous rocks found on the ocean floor

A water buffalo is born with slightly longer legs allow it to run faster than the other water buffalo in the herd. This adaptation came about because
a) the water buffalo needed to be able to run faster.
b) there was a mutation in the water buffalo's genetic code
c) the water buffalo's parents were not able to outrun a lion
d) the water buffalo did not get enough nutritious food once it was born

All of the following adaptations could lead an organism to be successful except
a) A fox in northern Canda grows white fur.
b) A butterfly develops coloring that enables it to camouflage itself in its environment
c) A salamader living in a cave is born without eyesight or fully developed eyes
d) An elephant in the savannah develops without the ability to hear

Which of the following is an observation made by Darwin that supports his theory of natural selection?
a) All organisms that are born survive
b) More organisms are born than can survive
c) Insects produce many offspring but produce few eggs
d) Insects never produce offspring

Growing up, Darwin saw that farm animals with preferred traits were chosen for breeding. Those chosen animals usually produced offspring with the preferred traits. This is
a) evolution
b) natural selection
c) artifical selection
d) genetic engineering

Lamarck's idea of
a) acquired traits are passed down from parent to offspring
b) acquired traits are not passed down from parent to offspring
c) in animals, traits that are used often will grow and change shape.
d) in animals, traits that are not used often will shrink and change shape

Which of the following was an early realization that gave rise to Darwin's theory of natural selection?
a) Most organisms share the same habitat
b) The earth is younger than previously thought
c) Organisms do not appear to be closely related
d) The earth and its organisms have changed through time

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