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The narrator calls on Simon Wheeler to —
a) find out about a friend’s childhood friend, Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley
b) hear the story of Jim Smiley
c) learn more about the Old West and its humorous characters
d) place some bets on horses, dogs, and frogs

Why does the narrator listen to Simon Wheeler’s long story?
a) The narrator is collecting material for his writing.
b) The narrator is waiting for Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley, so he can’t leave.
c) Simon has backed the narrator into a corner and won’t let him escape.
d) Simon and the narrator are old friends, so the narrator doesn’t want to be rude.

Andrew Jackson, the bull pup, wins fights by —
a) tricking all the bettors with his fake asthma attacks
b) rolling over and playing dead
c) biting other dogs and throwing them over his shoulder
d) holding his opponent’s hind leg until the other dog collapses

The bull pup finally loses a fight when he —
a) starts wheezing and can’t breathe
b) is attacked by a fierce, heavy dog
c) is filled with buckshot and can’t move
d) is pitted against a dog that doesn’t have hind legs

Is the stranger as innocent as he appears?
a) No, because he tricks Smiley.
b) No, because he has a racing frog hidden in his coat.
c) Yes, because he doesn’t know anything about frog races.
d) Yes, because he is a stranger in town.

How does the frog lose the race?
a) The other frog attacks him.
b) When he realizes that he can’t win, he just gives up and dies.
c) The stranger fills him with lead pellets, so the frog is too heavy to hop.
d) He gets confused and hops in the wrong direction.

Simon Wheeler is best described as —
a) dishonest and corrupt
b) long-winded and unintentionally funny
c) concise and intentionally funny
d) greedy but unlucky

The story ends when —
a) Smiley finds the stranger and gets his money back
b) Smiley bets on a banana that looks like a cow
c) Simon and the narrator bet on a yellow, one-eyed cow
d) Wheeler starts telling another story, and the narrator leaves

All of the following excerpts contain vernacular language that vividly captures the characters in Calaveras County except —
a) “At the door I met the sociable Mr. Wheeler returning . . .”
b) “There couldn’t be no solit’ry thing mentioned but that feller’d offer to bet on it. . . .”
c) “Thish-yer Smiley has a mare—the boys called her the fifteen-minute nag, but that was only in fun, y
d) “always fetch up at the stand just about a neck ahead, as near as you could cipher it down . . .”

The purpose of this story is to —
a) warn readers about the evils of gambling
b) entertain readers
c) teach readers about famous public figures from the past
d) describe life in an Old West mining camp

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