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Richard Cory has all of the following qualities except —
a) Wealth
b) Happiness
c) Good manners
d) Good clothes

Richard Cory’s eventual fate —
a) results from his business failures
b) was predictable, given his everyday behavior
c) comes as a surprise to the townspeople
d) shows his true criminal nature

The final mystery of Richard Cory’s life concerns —
a) why he took frequent strolls into town
b) what kind of treasures he had
c) how he managed to impress other people
d) what unspeakable sadness he kept hidden

Miniver Cheevy can best be characterized as the type of person who —
a) blames himself for all his problems
b) strikes out violently when he is criticized
c) feels that he is out of place and misunderstood
d) finds happiness in even the smallest pleasures

The irony of Miniver Cheevy’s story is that he —
a) enjoys thinking about ancient days
b) fails to use his wealth wisely
c) knows nothing about medieval history
d) dreams of great deeds while failing to act

To comfort himself, Miniver Cheevy —
a) relies on alcohol
b) dresses in royal clothing
c) teaches Greek history
d) writes about knighthood

Richard Cory and Miniver Cheevy are similar in that they both have —
a) comfortable homes
b) good jobs
c) secret miseries
d) great fortunes

The narrator of “Richard Cory” is —
a) Richard Cory
b) Richard Cory's best friend
c) Richard Cory’s wife
d) a person in the town

“Richard Cory” contains strong visual images of —
a) life in a small town
b) poor people living on the street
c) life in a big city about fifty years ago
d) people working in a factory

Robinson describes the “medieval grace / Of iron clothing” to —
a) show that today’s armor is lightweight and comfortable
b) foreshadow Miniver Cheevy’s death in war
c) create an image of success
d) create an ironic tone

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