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What is a gene?
a) Blue pants that we can wear
b) Something that an an animal has adapted for survival
c) An inherited behavior
d) Part of a chromosome that contains the DNA code for a trait

Who was the 19th Century scientist who studied heredity by using pea plants?
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Issac Newton
c) Charles Darwin
d) Elizabeth McHugh

All animals in the same species
a) have backbones.
b) have little in common.
c) make their own food.
d) share certain traits in common.

A learned behavior is passed from a parent to an offspring through genes.
a) True
b) False

All animals have _____________ for survival.
a) migration
b) adaptations
c) recessive
d) environment

The shape of a bird's feet is an example of
a) a behavioral adaptation.
b) extinction.
c) a physical adaptation.
d) recessive genes.

Which is an example of an inherited triat?
a) blue eyes
b) straightened teeth from braces
c) scars
d) long fingernails

What is the death of all organisms of one kind of species called?
a) migration
b) offspring
c) extinction
d) classification

Sometimes, changes in the environment forces animals to change their behaviors.
a) True
b) False

Which classificaiton group do chipmunks, cats, and whales belong to?
a) kingdom
b) phylum
c) order
d) species

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