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What is the scientific name for shooting star?
a) meteor
b) asteroid
c) planet
d) comet

Earth has seasons because
a) it has perihelion and aphelion
b) it has water
c) it rotates in a clockwise direction
d) it has a tilted axis and it revolves around the Sun

A year on another planet may be longer than a year on Earth because
a) the planet is bigger than Earth
b) the planet has a bigger orbit than Earth
c) the planet rotates more slowly than Earth
d) the planet is closer to the Sun than Earth

We see the Moon's phases because
a) we see different amounts of the Moon's lighted surface
b) the Moon changes in size and shape
c) the amount of the Moon that gets lighted by the sun changes
d) the Moon orbits the Sun and is sometimes behind it

Earth has day and night because
a) it rotates on its axis
b) it revolves around the Sun
c) its axis is tilted
d) its orbit is an ellipse

The inner planets are mostly
a) made of gases, with rings and many moons
b) hard and rocky, with rings and not atmosphere
c) hard and rocky, with craters and few moons
d) made of gases, with no atmosphere

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are known as the
a) rocky planets
b) gas giants
c) inner planets
d) red giants

Scale models help us to understand the Solar System because they
a) show how to travel to to other planets
b) show relative size and distance of the planets
c) show which planets have rings
d) show which planets are rocky

A solar sytem is
a) a planet and all the objects that travel around it
b) planets and their moons
c) a star and all the objects that travel around it
d) planets, moons, comets, and asteroids

The closet planet to the Sun is
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) Jupiter

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