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Which process produces the energy that allows the stars of the universe to radiate visible light?
a) nuclear fusion
b) radio active decay
c) convection
d) insolation

Compared to our sun Betelgeuse is
a) larger, cooler, and more luminous
b) larger hotter and less luminious
c) smaller hotter and more luminous
d) smaller, colloer, and more luminious

What type of electromagnetic energy has tha longest wavelenghts?
a) radio waves
b) infrared
c) x- rays
d) U-V rays

Which process transfers energy primarily by electromagtic waves?
a) radiation
b) convection
c) evaporation
d) conduction

Which requires water to gain 2,260 joules of energy per gram?
a) vaporization
b) freezing
c) melting
d) condensation

Durning which process does water gain the most heat energy?
a) evaporation
b) melting
c) freezing
d) condensation

In NYS the risk of sunburn is greatest between 11am and 3 pm on summer days because
a) the angle of insolation is greatest
b) the angle of insolation is least
c) the air temperature is hot
d) the sun is closest to the Earth

Which two gasses are believed to cause climate change?
a) carbon and methane
b) hydrogen and helium
c) chlorine and nitrogen
d) neon and argon

Clouds form primarly due to moist air....
a) rising, expanding, and cooling
b) rising, compacting, and warming
c) sinking, expanding and warming
d) sinking, compacting and cooling

Which combination of climate factors generally result in the coldest tempertures?
a) high elevation and high latitude
b) high elevation and low latitude
c) low elevation and high latitude
d) low elevation and low latitude

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