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What year was the TESDA ACT implemented?
a) 1984
b) 1994
c) 1997
d) 2004

What does Section 2 of RA 7796 states?
a) Title
b) Declaration of Policy
c) Statement of Goals and Objectives
d) Definition of Terms

The acquired and practiced ability to carry out a task or job
a) “Skill”
b) "Skill Development"
c) "Ability"
d) "Ability Development"

Persons who direct the practice of skills towards immediate improvement in some task
a) Trainees
b) Training Managers
c) Trainers
d) Trainors

Skilled workers who have become highly competent in their trade or craft as attested by industry.
a) Manpowwer
b) Management
c) Middle-Level Manpower
d) Workers

Persons who are participants in a vocational, administrative or technical training program for the purpose of acquiring and developing job-related skills
a) Students
b) Workers
c) Trainees
d) Trainers

A person undergoing training for an approved apprenticeable occupation during an established period assured by an apprenticeship agreement
a) apprentice
b) apprenticeship
c) successor
d) follower

A contract wherein a prospective employer binds himself to train the apprentice who in turn accepts the terms of training for a recognized apprenticeable occupation emphasizing
a) “Apprenticeship Agreement
b) "Agreement"
c) "Working Contract"
d) "Contract"

What does Section 8 of RA 7796 states?
a) Duties and Powers
b) Powers and Functions of the Board
c) The TESDA Secretariat
d) none of the choices

The Director-General shall be appointed by whom?
a) Secretariat
b) TESDA Secretariat
c) President of the Philippies
d) none of the choices

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