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Different species of birds build nests in the same type of trees. This is an example of __.
a) predator - prey
b) mutualism
c) competition
d) commensalism

'Athlete's foot' fungus causes your toes to itch and burn. This is an example of ____.
a) parasitism (parasite-host)
b) predation (predator-prey)
c) mutualism
d) commensalism

A hawk sits on a telephone line watching for mice. This is an example of ____.
a) parasite-host
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) predation (predator-prey)

A squirrel lives in an oak tree. The squirrel is provided food and shelter while the tree is not harmed. This is an example of ___.
a) predation (predator-prey)
b) commensalism
c) mutualism
d) parasitism (parasite-host)

Sea anemones ride on the shells of hermit crabs. The anemones fend off octopuses, which eat crabs. The crabs drive away starfish and other anemone predators.
a) predation (predator-prey)
b) competition
c) commensalism
d) mutualism

The tapeworm lives in the intestines of the dog, obtaining nutrients that normally would have been used by the dog.
a) predation (predator-prey)
b) competition
c) parasitism (parasite-host)
d) mutualism

If there is a drought which kills most of the producers in an ecosystem, which of the following is true?
a) Only the numbers of producers will decrease, since they need water to live.
b) All organisms in the ecosystem will decrease in number.
c) The numbers of producers and secondary consumers will decrease; the primary consumers will increase.
d) The numbers of producers and primary consumers will decrease.

There are less numbers of organisms on each level as you move up an energy pyramid because___.
a) they are eaten by the next level.
b) the consumers would fight each other for the food.
c) only 10% of the energy is used by the previous level of organisms.
d) only 10% of the energy from the previous level is available for them to use.

Why are decomposers important to the consumers in an ecosystem?
a) Decomposers provide nutrients for the consumers.
b) Decomposers recycle nutrients needed by the producers.
c) Decomposers are necessary for photosynthesis.
d) Decomposers keep the earth clean.

In a food web, the arrows represent ____.
a) energy transfer
b) food transfer
c) who eats what
d) energy lost

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