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How many aspects of civilizations are there?
a) six
b) five
c) eight
d) three

What is an example of civilization?
a) meeting in groups
b) hunting for food
c) taking care of the farm
d) painting a mural for the library

The ancient Egyptians were able to live in Egypt because they were able to farm around
a) the Sahara Desert
b) the Nile River
c) the Sinai Desert
d) the Amazon River

What language did the Ancient Egyptians use to write with?
a) hieroglyphics
b) cuneiform
c) Egyptian
d) Latin

What were the two main city states in Ancient Greece?
a) Thebes and Bablyon
b) Athens and Rome
c) Sparta and Athens
d) Sparta and Thrace

Why was trade nearly impossible in ancient Greece?
a) It was surrounded by deserts
b) Mountain ranges made transportation difficult and the rivers were dried up.
c) There were too many roads and rivers in Greece.
d) The Spartans would not allow any exports or imports.

Who was an influential person in Chinese philosophy?
a) Mao Zedong
b) Mulan
c) Confucius
d) Buddha

What are the famous families who ruled Ancient China called?
a) Kings and Queens
b) Shoguns
c) Tsars
d) Dynasties

People of Ancient China adapted to living in their environment by ALL of the following things, except
a) Digging ditches to bring water to their crops
b) Cutting terraces in the land to help with farming
c) Fishing in the rivers
d) Cutting down the mountain tops

The sloping roof tops of Chinese buildings are called ___________________.
a) Lakota
b) Pagodas
c) Shingles
d) Pyramids

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