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What is an electromagnet?
a) A current-carrying wire wrapped around an iron core.
b) A magnet attached to an electrical wire.
c) A magnet that sticks to a light switch.
d) A magnet attached to an electrical appliance.

What supplies to you need to make an electromagnet?
a) Copper wire.
b) A battery.
c) Electrical tape
d) All of the above.

What is kinetic energy?
a) The energy that an object will have if put in motion.
b) The energy that an object in motion has.
c) The amount of heat an object creates.
d) The amount of light an object produces.

What is a motor?
a) Any devise that converts electric energy to kinetic energy.
b) Any devise that converts thermal energy to potential energy.
c) Any devise that converts solar energy to thermal energy.
d) Any devise that converts potential energy to kinetic energy.

What protects the Earth from most of the Sun's charged particles?
a) The atmosphere.
b) The stratosphere.
c) The ozone layer.
d) The magnetosphere.

What does a generator do?
a) Uses a magnetic field to turn motion into electricity.
b) Uses electritcity to make light.
c) Uses coal to create energy.
d) Uses solar pwer to create hot water.

What type of current changes from positive to negative 60 times each second?
a) Direct current.
b) Different current
c) Alternating current
d) Alternative current.

What produces most of the electric energy used all over the world?
a) Solar power
b) Electric generators
c) Fire wood
d) Nuclear power

What does a transformer do?
a) Chages the voltage of a device with little loss of energy.
b) Changes the voltage of a device with a lot of energy lost.
c) Changes the type of energy being produced.
d) Changes the strength of the magnetic field.

Why does a superconductor allow electricity to pass through it without heat being produced?
a) The superconductor resists the flow of electricity.
b) Electricity does not produce heat,
c) The electrons in the electric current are no longer charged as they pass through the superconductor.
d) The electrons in the electrical current do not collide with the atoms in the superconductor.

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