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What is a hardship that pioneers would have faced on their journey westward?
a) wagons breaking
b) running out of food
c) bad weather
d) all of the above

What country did we buy the Louisiana Purchase from?
a) France
b) Spain
c) England
d) Italy

Runaway slaves were protected by the Seminole tribe in what territory?
a) Texas
b) Oregon
c) Florida
d) Louisiana

What territory was explored by Lewis and Clark and was a good place for fur trading?
a) Alaska
b) California
c) Oregon
d) Texas

Which territory wanted to join the US as a slave state but the US was worried about upsetting the balance between slave and free states?
a) Florida
b) Texas
c) Mexico
d) Oregon

What land did the US want so that we would have ports on the Pacific Ocean?
a) Mexican Cession
b) Texas
c) Oregon
d) Florida

What was the name of the forced march made by the Cherokee to reservation in Oklahoma?
a) Indian Removal Act
b) Indian Pilgramage
c) Trail of Tears
d) Trail of Anger

Name the two laws created by the US government that forced Native Americans out of their lands.
a) Indian Removal Act, Intolerable Acts
b) Northwest Ordinance, Indian Removal Act
c) Kansas-Nebraska Act, Northwest Ordinance
d) Texas Annexation, Kansas-Nebraska Act

How did new states joining the country impact slavery?
a) had to decide whether to be a free or slave state through popular sovereignty
b) runaway slaves could go to new states
c) slaves could decide to stay slaves or not
d) slavery ended

What is the Fugitive Slave Act?
a) all slaves had to remain slaves forever
b) all slaves were freed
c) slaves were allowed to visit one another
d) people were required to return runaway slaves to their masters

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