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Name both of the trails started by Daniel Boone that were used by pioneers.
a) Great Wagon Road, Wilderness Trail
b) Wilderness Trail, Oregon Trail
c) Oregon Trail, Sante Fe Trail
d) Great Wagon Road, Sante Fe Trail

Where did Daniel Boone explore?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) the West

What was Zebulon Pike looking for on his expedition?
a) route to the Pacific Ocean
b) Fountain of Youth
c) Northwest Passage
d) northern source of the Mississippi River

What did President Thomas Jefferson send Lewis and Clarke to look for on their expedition?
a) route to the Pacific Ocean
b) Oregon Territory
c) Native American treasures
d) source of the Mississippi River

What is the name of the Native American woman who was a guide and translator on the Lewis and Clark expedition?
a) Pocahontas
b) Mary
c) Sacagawea
d) Meriweather

Who arrested Zebulon Pike and what did they take from him?
a) French, maps and journals
b) Spanish, maps and journals
c) Spanish, gold and silver
d) British, tools

What is the idea of Manifest Destiny?
a) knowing exactly where you should go with your life
b) wanting to accomplish great things
c) too many people living in one area
d) God-given right to claim all lands that were wanted

What does overpopulation mean?
a) a space being too empty
b) too many people living in one area
c) being very popular
d) too big for a space

What were some economic opportunities pioneers found in the West?
a) gold miner
b) blacksmith
c) fur trader
d) all of the above

What was the Homestead Act of 1862?
a) gave cheap or free land to male pioneers
b) forced Native Americans to move onto reservations
c) required people to return runaway slaves to their masters
d) helped decide which states would become free states and slave states

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