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Which of the following is an example of an infectious disease?
a) Obesity
b) Cancer
c) The Common Cold
d) Diabetes

What is an infectious disease?
a) A disease that can be spread from person to person.
b) A diseases that is not contagious
c) A disease that is caused by heredity
d) A disease that is chronic, or life-long.

What are the tiny living things that cause infectious diseases to begin?
a) Vaccines
b) Pathogens
c) Antibodies
d) White Blood Cells

The Immune System is the body system that fights diseases by creating:
a) White Blood Cells
b) Antibodies
c) Pathogens
d) Vaccines

White Blood Cells made by the Immune System notice pathogens in the body. They then create _______ to kill the pathogens.
a) Chronic
b) Vaccines
c) Antibodies
d) Pathogens

Which of the following is an example of a noninfectious disease?
a) Chicken Pox
b) A broken arm
c) The flu
d) Cancer

What are noninfectious diseases?
a) Diseases that are not passed from person to person.
b) Diseases that are contagious.
c) Diseases that will go away after a week.
d) Diseases that are not serious.

What does the word CHRONIC mean?
a) Short
b) Long lasting or life-long
c) Temporary
d) Painless

Which of the following is NOT a way that a noninfectious disease can be developed?
a) Heredity
b) Harmful things in the environment
c) Smoking cigarettes for several years
d) Sharing a drink with a person that has a cold.

What are the feelings that a person gets when they have a disease?
a) Risk Factors
b) Symptoms
c) Signs
d) Signals

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