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Which is NOT a contribution made by Emperor Qin?
a) He grew new varieties of foods.
b) He standardized money, weights, and measures to make trade easier.
c) Qin simplified the writing system to make it easier.
d) Emperor Qin conquered other lands to increase the size of China.

How did the invention of silk increase trade in China?
a) Many people knew how to make silk, so they traded it everywhere.
b) Silk was soft and pretty so Emperors wanted to buy it all for themselves.
c) Silk was a valuable trade good because it could only be made in China.
d) Silk was such a popular item that people would trade it for freedom.

What was one major goal for each of the small clans that ruled China before the Shang dynasty?
a) Each clan wanted to make a human sacrifice to please the gods.
b) Clans wanted to gain as much land as possible without losing control of their kingdoms.
c) The clans wanted to make as many weapons as possible out of bronze.
d) Clans wanted to eliminate social classes so that all people were equal.

What is one way Emperor Qin Shihuangdi hurt China, rather than helped?
a) Emperor Qin used a very detailed system of laws that explained severe punishments for bad behavior
b) Qin fought hard to get rid of people who opposed his harsh ways.
c) Qin took on too much land and was unable to take care of it.
d) Many lives were lost due to the many wars Emperor Qin started in order to gain more territory.

What was the most important change that occurred because of the Silk Road?
a) Trade routes expanded into new areas which increased communication.
b) The Silk Road introduced Buddhism to China.
c) People could not create market places to sell their wares.
d) New objects such as glass and spices were traded.

Which philosophy stated that laws must be strict and must be strictly enforced?
a) Confucianism
b) Daoism
c) Legalism
d) Feudalism

What was one way the Shang dynasty was able to stay in power for so long? (over 500 years)
a) The Shang depended heavily on strong armies to maintain their rule and to gain more land.
b) The Shang kings depended on their farmers to grow food and give it to them to keep themselves strong
c) Craftspeople created gifts to give to the gods to guarantee a successful rule by the Shang dynasty
d) They followed a strict social class sustem to make sure everyone was under the king's power.

Why did more people settle in Inner China than in Outer China?
a) Outer China had too much rain.
b) Outer China had too many animals.
c) Inner China had less flooding
d) Inner China had fertile land.

How was the building of the Great Wall a benefit to the people of China?
a) It promoted wealth among the empire's landowners
b) It protected the empire from invaders
c) It provided work for peasants who had not job.
d) It prevented scholars from criticizing the emperor.

What protected Inner China from invaders that may have tried to enter China from the Northwest?
a) Himalayan Mountains
b) Turfan Depression
c) Taklamakan Desert
d) Tibetan Plateau

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