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The process by which weathered material is removed and carried from a place is called:
a) Erosion
b) Ice Wedging
c) Oxidation
d) Chemical Weathering

The process of breaking down rocks into smaller pieces is called:
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) ice wedging
d) root action

This is created when plants grow in the cracks of rocks.
a) root action
b) plant fungus
c) gravity
d) erosion

Which agent of erosion causes a sand dune to move from one place to another?
a) wind
b) Moving water
c) glaciers
d) gravity

A roadside sign on a mountain says, "Beware of falling rocks." Which agent of erosion is probably at wor in this area?
a) Gravity
b) Glaciers
c) Moving water
d) Wind

Weathering breaks rocks into bits and pieces called:
a) sediment
b) crystals
c) bedding
d) creep

Water ______________ when it freezes.
a) expands
b) contracts
c) weathers
d) freezes

Smooth rocks in a river have usually been rounded by
a) abrasion
b) oxidation
c) glaciation
d) ice wedging

The process in which water freezes and widens cracks in rock is called:
a) ice wedging
b) ice crunching
c) glaciation
d) abrasion

A marble statue had sharp details when it was first carved, but now it appears "eaten away". This is most likely the result of:
a) acid precipitation
b) mechanical weathering
c) oxidation
d) root action

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