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Jonas needs to split a log. What simple machine would help him?
a) a lever
b) a pulley
c) a wedge
d) a fulcrum

A seesaw on a playground is an example of what type of simple machine?
a) lever
b) screw
c) wedge
d) wheel and axle

Which of the following simple machines are combined to make scissors?
a) lever and gear
b) gear and pulley
c) lever and wedge
d) wedge and pulley

Which is a simple machine?
a) water
b) chair
c) pulley
d) candle

Which simple machine is used to hold objects together?
a) hammer
b) pulley
c) screw
d) wedge

Which simple machine is used on a flagpole to help when the flag is raised?
a) lever
b) pulley
c) inclined plane
d) wedge

A hand truck is used in stores to move boxes. Which simple machines are part of a hand truck?
a) pulley and lever
b) lever and wheel and axle
c) inclined plane and wheel
d) pulley and inclined plane

Which could help a person in a wheelchair get from the street onto the sidewalk?
a) lever
b) inclined plane
c) screw
d) wheel and axle

Which example of a simple machine is a lever?
a) screw
b) pulley
c) ramp
d) pliers

Which answer lists only simple machines?
a) screw, car, tires
b) lever, screw, wheel
c) television, computers, levers
d) lawn mower, edger, leaf blower

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