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How does geography play a role in Mexico City’s air pollution problem?
a) It is one of the world’s largest cities.
b) The city has views of distant snowcapped mountains.
c) It lies in a bowl-shaped valley that traps air pollutants.
d) The cars and factories send pollution such as lead, sulfur, and carbon monoxide

Which solution is a way that the government is trying to reduce pollution in Mexico City?
a) ignoring cars with exhaust problems
b) reducing the number of buses and trains
c) making sure the population continues to grow
d) increasing the number of cars that produce little or no air pollution

Which is a problem associated with deforestation?
a) More oxygen is available on the planet.
b) Poor people earn money from selling trees.
c) Native people have too much forest for their needs.
d) There is less forest to produce goods that humans need.

The world gets about 20 percent of which resource from the Amazon rain forest?
a) rubber
b) oxygen
c) soybeans
d) medicine

What problem has been caused by oil production in Venezuela?
a) About 15 percent of U.S. oil comes from Venezuela.
b) The coast along the Caribbean Sea has been polluted with oil.
c) Lake Maracaibo has become the largest lake in South America.
d) Venezuela is more polluted than other South American countries.

Who is affected first by carbon dioxide pollution?
a) healthy adults
b) children and the elderly
c) farmers along Lake Maracaibo
d) fisherman along the Caribbean coast

Which are sources of chemicals in acid rain?
a) forests
b) walkers
c) bicycles
d) coal-burning power plants

The first Canadian-American plan to clean the Great Lakes was to reduce which chemical?
a) detergent
b) fertilizer
c) pesticide
d) phosphorus

Which is a problem related to clear-cutting?
a) Soil is turned up.
b) Erosion of soil stops.
c) Timber companies save money.
d) Wildlife loses large areas of habitat.

Which type of pollution exit in London?
a) air pollution
b) water pollution
c) oil pollution
d) nuclear pollution

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