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an alphabetical list of sources of information used in writing a report
a) Bibliography
b) Technique
c) Salutation
d) guide words

stationary that contains a company's name, address, phone/fax number and email address
a) letterhead
b) memorandum
c) personal-business letter
d) business letter

a supporting document in a report; it is usually placed after the title page and before the first page of the report
a) outline
b) title page
c) technique
d) memorandum

initials of the person that typed the letter or memo if different from the writer; initials should be double-spaced after the body and typed in lower case
a) reference initials
b) copy notation
c) guide words
d) enclosure notation

a letter that is sent from one company or organization to another
a) business letter
b) letterhead
c) memorandum
d) personal-business letter

the vertical spacing between lines of text
a) line spacing
b) proofreader marks
c) title page
d) paper size

a supporting document of a report
a) title page
b) dateline
c) technique
d) outline

a special notation at the end of a letter that indicates an item/s is included with the letter
a) copy notation
b) salutation
c) complimentary close
d) enclosure notation

the science of designing equipment and workspace for a comfortable and safe working environment
a) ergonomics
b) body
c) guide words
d) technique

an overuse injury of the thumb extensor tendons, often occurs from repetitive tapping of the space bar
a) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
b) DeQuervain\'s Disease
c) Ergonomics
d) Repetitive Stress Injury

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