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Which branch of government makes laws in Australia?
a) judicial
b) monarch
c) executive
d) legislative

Who performs the duties of the Queen in Australia?
a) Prime Minister
b) Senate
c) Governor general
d) Member of parliament

How old do you have to be to vote in Australia?
a) 17
b) 20
c) 19
d) 18

All of these would be valid laws in Australia EXCEPT
a) age requirements for voting in elections.
b) voting restrictions against Aboriginal Australians
c) age requirements for serving in elected office
d) voting restrictions against convicted felons

Australia\'s government can BEST be described as
a) a democracy
b) an autocracy.
c) an oligarchy.
d) a dictatorship

Australia was at one time
a) under the control of France.
b) under the control of Germany.
c) under the control of Great Britain.
d) under the control of Spain.

Which form of government would have the MOST amount of citizen participation?
a) a democracy
b) a confederation
c) an autocracy
d) an oligarchy

Which describes the government of Australia?
a) federal government
b) unitary government
c) confederate government
d) both unitary and confederate

Australia has a federal system of government. This means that power is
a) centered in the country\'s state governments.
b) divided between the national(central) and state governments.
c) divided between Australia and the United Kingdom.
d) centered in the country\'s national government.

Who has the most political power in the Australian government?
a) the monarch
b) prime minister
c) governor-general
d) High Court judge

Who picture is on Australia's currency (money)?
a) Prime Minister
b) The Queen of England
c) Senate
d) Governor General

Australia's parliament has two houses, they are:
a) House of Represenatives and the Senate
b) House of Lords and the Senate
c) House of Commons and the House of Lords
d) State Duma and Federation Council

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