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What happens when a product is rare?
a) Price goes down.
b) Price goes up.
c) Demand is eliminated.
d) Supply is enhanced.

Demand for Chinese silk...
a) caused the production of more ziggurats.
b) caused price to decrease.
c) caused the price to increase.
d) caused the demand to decrease.

Controlling the territory and movement of traders...
a) allows civilizations to become wealthy.
b) creates less people interested in religion.
c) forced the demand of products to halt.
d) allowed the price to decrease.

What is directly related to an economy?
a) climate, geography, supply
b) artifacts, supply, demand
c) business, trade, employment
d) religion, employment, government

The major economic force of Egypt was....
a) agriculture.
b) mining.
c) lumber.
d) silk and fabric.

When supply goes too high....
a) price increases.
b) demand increases.
c) production decreases.
d) demand decreases.

What was the Silk Road?
a) A route traveled between Mesopotamia and Ghana.
b) A route traveled between China and Europe.
c) A route traveled between Egypt and Greece.
d) A route traveled between Rome and Indus Valley.

What was the Indus Valley well know for?
a) spices
b) silks
c) ceramics
d) olive oil

Which is often true?
a) Demand price decreases.
b) Supply decreases... so... demand decreases.
c) Supply price decreases.
d) Demand decreases... so... price increases.

Which would lead to decreased trade between civilizations?
a) Allowing more businesses to operate.
b) Unifying the system of money of a culture.
c) Having government leaders to meet with other leaders.
d) Ending the building of roads.

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