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The G.I. Bill of Rights provided veterans with all of the following Execpt
a) the right to not pay taxes.
b) the right to education assistance.
c) the right to housing assistance.
d) the right to employment benefits.

What most likely led to the growth of population between the years 1946-1964?
a) More parents going to college.
b) The G.I. Bill of Rights.
c) The development of the interstate highway system.
d) Soldiers returning home and wanting to start families.

Americans born between the years 1946 and 1964 are known as?
a) Generation X
b) Generation Y
c) Baby Boomers
d) Millennials

The success of the automoblie industry helped lead to the creation of
a) Regional airports.
b) Interstae highways.
c) Blimp travel.
d) Cruise ship travel.

The improved road sytem in the United States helped push more Americans
a) to the suburbs.
b) West.
c) to the cities.
d) to the country side.

The reason for the construction of the Berlin Wall was to
a) stop the American invasion.
b) stop people from leaving West Berlin.
c) stop people from leaving East Berlin.
d) stop the German invasion.

The Iron Curtain was
a) a wall dividing Europe.
b) a wall dividing Germany.
c) the division of Europe between Fascist countries and Democratic countries.
d) the division of Europe between Communist countries and Democratic countries.

Which organization was formed near the end of WWII to prevent future global wars?
a) U.N.
c) Warsaw Pact
d) League of Nations

All of the following are true concerning Communism Except
a) the Soviet Union was communist.
b) communism promoted the freedom of the press.
c) the government owns all of the businesses.
d) a single political party makes all of the decisions.

In 1948 when the Soviet Union cut off all supply lines going into West Berlin the Western Allies created a plan known as the
a) Berlin Drop Off.
b) Berlin Long Shot.
c) Berlin Airlift.
d) Berlin Takeover.

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