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What does DARE stand for?
a) Drug Abuse Resistance Education
b) Drug Education
c) I have no idea

Is it important to make a good decision
a) Yes
b) Maybe
c) Sure
d) No

75,000 people die from _______________________________ each year
a) Sitting
b) Smoking illegal drugs
c) Drinking Alchohal
d) Bullying

Also if you helped someone report or stand up to a bully then you would be making ______________________________________________________
a) Happy, Bad Decision
b) smart, responsible decision
c) dum, horrible decision
d) great, excelent decision

Drinking and driving is ______________________________________________
a) legal
b) stupid
c) smart
d) illegal

Drinking under the age of ________ is illegal
a) 32, legal
b) 12, legal
c) 15, illegal
d) 18, illegal

You can use safe/ responsible choices can be used in ____________________________________
a) yearly lives
b) everyone
c) no one
d) every day lives

The 5 w's of bullying are: __________________, ______________________, _______________, _____________________, _____________________________.
a) who, what, when, where, why
b) stop bullying!
c) who, what, when, where, why, why
d) why, who, what, when

Being a bystander and not helping when someone is being bullied is a form of ___________________________
a) Helping
b) bullying
c) IDK
d) Standing

If you are in public and decide to drink more than the legal limit you could get ___________________ for drinking to much if you say yes.
a) detained
b) famous
c) popular
d) arrested

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