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All of the following are true concerning Japan following WWII EXCEPT
a) resumed self-government
b) became an ally with North Korea
c) became an ally with the United States
d) became a democratic nation

What were the intentions of the Marshall Plan?
a) Rebuild Europe and prevent the spread of communism.
b) To prevent England from gaining more power.
c) To spread communism in China and Korea.
d) To gain complete control of Europe.

Following WWII Germany was partitioned between which of the following countries?
a) The United States, Japan, England, France
b) The United States, Italy, Soviet Union, England
c) The United States, China, France England
d) The Soviet Union, United States, England, and France

Which country did not agree to reunite Germany after WWII?
a) United States
b) England
c) Soviet Union
d) France

The expansion of labor unions resulted in all of the following EXCEPT
a) there were fewer consumer goods.
b) increased salaries.
c) more benefits.
d) more powerful labor unions.

Following WWII most women
a) were able to vote for the first time.
b) took improved jobs.
c) were able to enlist in the Army.
d) returned to the home as more men returned from fighting overseas.

America's economy after WWII was
a) in decline.
b) in a depression.
c) prosperous.
d) in a recession.

Which of the following did NOT occur after WWII
a) consumer goods were rationed.
b) items were bought on credit.
c) labor unions merged.
d) a growth in new technologies.

Which president desegregated the military?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Harry S. Truman
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) Woodrow Wilson

Which person helped create the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Eleanor Roosevelt
c) Dwight Eisenhower
d) Harry S. Truman

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