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Can the government punish for hate speech?
a) No, as long as threats are not being made.
b) umm... can I get a drink?
c) Yes, the government can stop people from saying whatever they want to.
d) Yes, people\'s right to be free from being insulted is protected by the Bill of Rights.

Can the government arrest you for making a threat against someone?
a) Yes, threats are NOT considered part of a person's free speech.
b) Yes, unless they are joking.
c) No, people have the right to bear arms.
d) No, the Bill of Rights protects free speech

What is a warrant?
a) a group of people that arrest criminals.
b) a piece of paper required to search a residence.
c) a jury.
d) a judge.

The Bill of Rights is _______________________________
a) a list of government powers over the people.
b) is a list things that Bella likes to do in July.
c) is not something that deals with individuals\' rights.
d) a list of the LIMITS on government powers over people.

Congress cannot establish an official ______________.
a) government
b) video game
c) law
d) religion

Why do we have a Bill of Rights?
a) To make sure that people follow the laws
b) To make sure that the Cleveland Browns defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers next year.
c) To make sure that everyone is safe all of the time.
d) To make sure that the government does not have too much control over people.

Can your boss fire you for saying something rude?
a) Yes, he is NOT bound by the Bill of Rights.
b) Yes, but only if the rude comment directly offends a customer.
c) No, this is a free country.
d) No, free speech is protected by the Bill of Rights.

Which one of these is not a Scentsy scent?
a) Pixie
b) Bacon Ice Cream
c) Zeppelin
d) Rootbeer Float

Can a teacher punish a student for being rude in class?
a) Yes, absolutely!
b) I don\'t want to answer this...I\'m being rude right now.
c) No, this is a free country.
d) No, free speech is prtected by the Bill of Rights.

What is the name of the new pass-rushing linebacker signed by the Browns this year?
a) Paul Kruger
b) Austin
c) Josh Cribbs
d) Cliff Avril

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